Bug fix for the autosieve folder patch

Aristotelis arisg at noc.uoa.gr
Fri Jun 11 18:30:06 EDT 2004

   Hello all, 

 A new autosieve folder patch is out that fixes a problem with the
virtual domains support. The patch is for cyrus 2.2.3 and cyrus 2.2.5.
(cyrus 2.2.4 has quite more problems than a bug to an unofficial patch
so i didn't release a patch for 2.2.4. However if people are still using
2.2.4 the patch for 2.2.5 will do)

  You can get the patch from the URL :


 This patch also has some speed improvements.

  Special thanks to Wenzhuo Zhang, for spotting the bug, 
helping with testing and providing valuable suggestions for
the speed improvement. 

    Best regards, 
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