Allowing the default domain to be virtual

Tore Anderson tore at
Tue Jun 15 17:04:24 EDT 2004

* Tore Anderson

 > Hi.  I want to set up a Cyrus IMAPd so that every domain is virtual,
 > yet still allowing unqualified usernames to log in - in that case,
 > they should be mapped into some default virtual domain.

* Denis V. Suhanov

 > Hmmmm, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't 'defaultdomain' option
 > do that?

  No, the defaultdomain option maps the user outside of the virtual
 domain setup altogether, instead of mapping him into the specified
 domain (if unqualified).  That makes Cyrus strip off the domain part of
 the username before passing it on to saslauthd for authentication.
 That's my problem - I need to have the entire qualified username
 available in saslauthd for an LDAP lookup, while still allowing the
 users in the primary domain to log in with unqualified users.  That's
 necessary as the current system I'm replacing with this Exim+Cyrus
 setup allows exactly that and there's quite some thousands of end users
 in the primary domain who've set up their MUA's to use unqualified
 addresses.  Changing that behaviour would be a support nightmare.

  So in other words my patch does "user" -> "user at"
 qualification, while the "defaultdomain" setting does
 "user at" -> "user" un-qualification.  At least that's
 how I understood it.

Tore Anderson
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