Unread / new message indicators not displayed automatically?

Ralph Seichter mailing-list at seichter.de
Wed Jun 16 05:13:30 EDT 2004


I am having some trouble with unread / new message flags. As I have
not found something in the mailing list archives or the Cyrus IMAP
Wiki, I thought it best to ask here.

Here's an example mailbox setup for user "john":

   user.john (\HasChildren)
   user.john.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)
   user.john.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
   user.john.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
   user.john.folder1 (\HasNoChildren)
   user.john.folder2 (\HasNoChildren)

I'm using a Sieve script to file incoming mail into folders:

   if header :contains "List-Id" "foo-list"
     fileinto "INBOX.folder1";
   elsif header :contains "List-Id" "bar-list"
     fileinto "INBOX.folder2";

Cyrus IMAP files e-mail into the folders I specified, but the IMAP
clients do not show an indicator for new/unread messages in the
folders until the user manually selects the folder. I've tried this
using Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 and Mulberry 3.x, the results are the
same. If no Sieve rule matches and the message is thus, by an implicit
"keep" action, filed in the INBOX (user.john), unread indicators are
displayed without prior user interaction.

Is this behaviour caused by Cyrus IMAP / Sieve or by the clients? What
can I do to have the "there are {n} new messages in this folder"
indicators be displayed automatically?

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