Refuse over quota mail

Edward Rudd eddie at
Thu Jun 17 00:23:02 EDT 2004

The sendmail bounce is being generated because Cyrus-IMAPd refused the
message.  Are you wanting to have sendmail drop the message if the
mailbox is overquota? In most cases this is usually undesirable as there
would be no notification to the sender of the message why the mail
failed.. I'm not sure how/if you can get sendmail to check cyrus' quota,
but that is most likely the direction you are needing to go toward,
google should be of help now.

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 22:39, Adi Linden wrote:
> How can I configure cyrus-imapd to refuse over quota mail instead of 
> having sendmail generate a bounce message. Is this possible?
> Thanks,
> Adi
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