DB4 trouble

Denny Schierz cuall at gmx.de
Thu Jun 17 06:11:21 EDT 2004


my server was working for several months, but now i have to delete often
the databases (db/*, deliver.db, tls_sessions.db) If i don't do it,
cyrus does not work anymore. He recovers the database, without success
(i didn't wait longer than one hour).:

My log:

Jun 17 08:44:57 s15144503 master[8909]: about to exec
Jun 17 08:44:57 s15144503 imaps[8909]: executed
Jun 17 08:44:57 s15144503 imapd[8909]: DBERROR db4: fatal region error
detected; run recovery
Jun 17 08:44:57 s15144503 imapd[8909]: DBERROR: dbenv->open
'/var/imap/db' failed: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database


*  sys-libs/db
      Latest version available: 4.1.25_p1-r3
      Latest version installed: 4.1.25_p1-r3

*  sys-libs/gdbm
      Latest version available: 1.8.0-r5
      Latest version installed: 1.8.0-r5

*  net-mail/cyrus-imapd
      Latest version available: 2.1.15
      Latest version installed: 2.1.15

*  dev-libs/cyrus-sasl
      Latest version available: 2.1.14
      Latest version installed: 2.1.14

On Gentoo Linux. How can i solve this problem?

cu denny

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