Problems with idle pop3 connections locking mailboxes

Michael Sims michaels at
Mon Jun 28 11:28:52 EDT 2004

Michael Sims wrote:
>> I'm having a strange problem with pop3d connections hanging that I
>> was hoping to get some feedback on (system vitals are at the bottom
>> of this message).
> [...]
>> [root at mail root]# strace -p23604
>> Process 23604 attached - interrupt to quit
>> write(1, "/mYYyaenY9KvRwAahzCYCiPwGiWHtz7A"..., 584

Can anyone help me with this problem?  It's occuring on a daily basis now.  It seems
almost anytime a client tries to download a message via POP3 that is larger than 2
MB or so the pop3d process hangs in the middle of the write call.  The mailbox will
remain locked and netstat will show an established connection until I restart Cyrus.
This is frustrating because I never used to have this issue.

Can anyone (developers?) tell me if there are significant changes in either socket
handling or the pop3 daemon between latest 2.1.x and latest 2.2.x that may affect
this issue?  Should I try to upgrade from 2.1.16 to 2.2.6 to try and resolve this?
The upgrade is not completely trivial so I'd rather not upgrade if it's not likely
to have any affect on this problem.

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I'd appreciate any help...

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