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Edward Rudd eddie at
Fri Jun 18 14:39:51 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 12:05, Tore Anderson wrote:
> * Tore Anderson
>  >   Hi.  I need to make SpamAssassin-tagged messages to be by
>  > default filtered into a spam-folder.  I figured I could do this
>  > either by a global sieve script, or some default script that was
>  > copied in place whenever a new user mailbox was created.
> * Luca Olivetti
>  > in /etc/amavisd.conf
>  >
>  > $addr_extension_spam   = 'spam';
>  >
>  > then when I create an user, I create a "spam" folder and give it an
>  > "anonymous p" acl.
>   Hm, amavis, did I post to the wrong list?  :-)  I don't use amavis, so
>  I'm don't really know what this does..  Does it mean you can tell Cyrus
>  to filter a message into a folder, by adding a extension to the RCPT TO
>  address?  Like <user-Spam at>?
amavisd-new  =>
amavisd is a perl daemon that runs as a filter for an MTA. In my setup I
have postfix configured to use amavisd as a content filter and amavisd
then runs all the messages through spamassassin and through clamav (or
any number of about 20 antivirus programs it supports)

What are you currently using to have spamassassin tag messages?

>   I use the autocreate patch, so a folder named "Spam" is automatically
>  created when the user is.  But I didn't figure out how I could make the
>  suspected spam messages be automatically filed into that folder,
>  without patching Cyrus.  Could you elaborate on how your method works?

Cyrus currently does not support any global sieve filter rule sets.. So
the options you have it to have the filter add an "address extension" to
the e-mail.. (user+spam at and make sure that the folder has
the anonymous p ACLs on it. the +folder is case sensitive.

Edward Rudd <eddie at>

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