System-wide sieve filter

Earl R Shannon ershanno at
Fri Jun 18 14:48:48 EDT 2004


Amavis is a milter and is not part of the Cyrus package.
What it would do with the extension listed is change the
deliver to address by suffixing it with "+spam".

The "+" address indicates to the final delivery agent,
usually lmtpd for cyrus, to put the message in the
specified folder.

So a message sent to ershanno+spam at would get
delivered to a subfolder of my inbox named spam, should
such a folder exist and the ACL on that folder was
appropriately set.

Earl Shannon

Tore Anderson wrote:
> * Tore Anderson
>  >   Hi.  I need to make SpamAssassin-tagged messages to be by
>  > default filtered into a spam-folder.  I figured I could do this
>  > either by a global sieve script, or some default script that was
>  > copied in place whenever a new user mailbox was created.
> * Luca Olivetti
>  > in /etc/amavisd.conf
>  >
>  > $addr_extension_spam   = 'spam';
>  >
>  > then when I create an user, I create a "spam" folder and give it an
>  > "anonymous p" acl.
>   Hm, amavis, did I post to the wrong list?  :-)  I don't use amavis, so
>  I'm don't really know what this does..  Does it mean you can tell Cyrus
>  to filter a message into a folder, by adding a extension to the RCPT TO
>  address?  Like <user-Spam at>?
>   I use the autocreate patch, so a folder named "Spam" is automatically
>  created when the user is.  But I didn't figure out how I could make the
>  suspected spam messages be automatically filed into that folder,
>  without patching Cyrus.  Could you elaborate on how your method works?

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