Create Mailboxes on Delivery

ms419 at ms419 at
Wed Jun 23 13:16:53 EDT 2004

It is essential to me to create the mailboxes for which incoming 
messages are intended when they don't exist. To this end, I am writing 
a patch.

The patch is currently *very* neanderthal - but it kind of works. 
Unfortunately, there are problems with the mailboxes it creates. I can 
see them, but can't use them? For instance, in cyradm, "lm" lists them, 
but "lam new-mailbox" complains the mailbox doesn't exist. If someone 
more familiar with cyrus wouldn't mind looking at the patch & 
commenting, I'd be really grateful!

The objective is - given some configuration parameter, like 
"postcreatesmailboxes", or something - if an authenticated user 
delivers a message to a mailbox which doesn't exist, but which they 
have authority to create, it is created and the message is delivered. 
Otherwise delivery proceeds normally - message is delivered to INBOX, 
rejected, whatever.

Thanks very much!


PS - I found the University of Athens Autocreate INBOX & Auto Sieve 
Folder projects a bit helpful.

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