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Thu Jun 24 14:09:00 EDT 2004

On Jun 24, 2004, at 2:01 AM, Aristotelis wrote:

> On Wed, 23 Jun 2004 ms419 at wrote:
>> It is essential to me to create the mailboxes for which incoming
>> messages are intended when they don't exist. To this end, I am writing
>> a patch.
>  I haven't seen the patch yet. But I want to get some more info
> first. Correct me if I'm wrong. You want to write a patch that
> creates ANY folder where a mails tries to be delivered??

This is correct.

>  For example if I want to deliver the email to :
> user.arisg.koko
>  and this folder doesn't exist then automatically (without further
> checking) the folder should be created??

This is also correct.

>  This IMHO is a really bad idea. People can easily create
> problems in this type of setup. I could just start emailing
> to
> user.arisg.koko1
> user.arisg.koko2
> user.arisg.koko3
> user.arisg.koko4
> user.arisg.koko5
>  And all this dummy folders will be created.
> (I can also think for some other problems that might occur
> with this setup)

Rob Siemborski made this point on this list back in May. I still 
misunderstand, or don't see the danger. It is impossible for _people_ 
to create problems because, in general, I think they lack the authority 
to create mailboxes. Those authenticated users with authority to create 
certain mailboxes could do so using IMAP, so I don't understand why 
enabling this on delivery represents an increased danger. Please 
correct me if I'm way out to lunch.

>  With the UoA autocreate patch when a message is delivered to
> a user who has no inbox then a defined set of subfolders
> is created.

Right. Not what I'm after.

> If the message goes to one of these folders then
> it can be delieved, otherwise it goes to the INBOX. (check
> the options of the patch)
>  With the autosieve patch you can have an option to create
> all the mailboxes that should be created with the sieve
> script.

Just so I understand, this patch enables sieve scripts to create 
arbitrary mailboxes? Sorry, I don't use sieve so understand it only a 

>    Best regards,
>     Aristotelis

Thank your very much for your thoughtful feedback! Continued help much 


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