pop3: Logins must be at least 1 minute apart

Marcus Schopen lists at localguru.de
Wed Jun 23 21:22:35 EDT 2004


On Thursday 24 June 2004 02:56, Jules Agee wrote:
> In /etc/imapd.conf, set:
> popminpoll: 0

ha, that's it. Thanks!

Just a hint for IMP/Horde users: if popminpoll is activated you can login via 
cyrus/pop3d, but can't read any messages, because MP/Horde isn't able to 
handle this time delay feature. It causes a "CRAM-MD5 generic failure" error. 
Took me half a night to figure this out.

Jun 23 19:35:08 walter cyrus/pop3d[20133]: login: vernon[] test 
CRAM-MD5 User logged in
Jun 23 19:35:09 walter cyrus/pop3d[20133]: accepted connection
Jun 23 19:35:12 walter cyrus/pop3d[20133]: badlogin: vernon[] 
CRAM-MD5 generic failure
Jun 23 19:35:12 walter cyrus/master[20134]: about to 
exec /usr/lib/cyrus/bin/pop3d
Jun 23 19:35:12 walter cyrus/pop3[20134]: executed
Jun 23 19:35:12 walter cyrus/pop3d[20134]: accepted connection
Jun 23 19:35:15 walter cyrus/pop3d[20133]: badlogin: vernon[] 
CRAM-MD5 generic failure

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