having trouble feeding Cyrus NNTP with fetchnews

Ben Poliakoff benp at reed.edu
Fri Jun 25 15:49:52 EDT 2004

* Ken Murchison <ken at oceana.com> [040625 11:49]:
> Ben Poliakoff wrote:
> >Hello All,
> >
> >I've recently upgraded from the 2.1.x branch to the 2.2.x branch of
> >cyrus-imapd (2.2.6 as of yesterday).  The upgrade was seamless.
> >
> >One of the 2.2.x features I've been looking forward to has been the new
> >NNTP support.
> >
> >I've created all the target mailboxes several times, both by hand and
> >also with the help of the "mknewsgroups" script.  All of the boxes have
> >(at minimum) the "anyone p" ACL set.
> >
> >So far I'm having spotty luck feeding news from a remote INN server
> >into our cyrus imap server with the "fetchnews" command.  It's actually
> >worked only once.
> How are you determining that its failing?  I've been using it since the 
> first day that I wrote it, and it works fine.  You might have something 
> configured incorrectly.  If you get a protocol dump of fetchnews talking 
> to Cyrus, we might be able to see what is happening.

I don't think I was trying to say that it was failing, it's just that I
thought I was setting the stage for the 24 articles to be received.  I
knew I was missing something but I was having trouble figuring out what
it was.  

I never doubted that "fetchnews" worked.  I'm really *very* grateful
that you added it to the cyrus imap project (among your many
contributions to the project!).

> >
> >Now when I run the following fetchnews command (starting over, having
> >cleared out the fetchnews.db file, and having freshly recreated all of
> >the target mailboxes to be fed):
> >
> >    /usr/cyrus/bin/fetchnews -n -s my.server.name -w "news.bulletins*" \
> >    remote.news.server
> >
> >I get the following message in my logs:
> >
> >    Jun 25 10:19:15 my.server.name fetchnews[20623]: \
> >    fetchnews: remote.news.server offered 24; my.server.name rejected 24, \
> >    accepted 0, failed 0
> >
> >I'd love to get those 24 articles.  I can't figure out why the cyrus
> >server is rejecting them.  Are there lingering message/article numbers
> >floating around in the duplicate.db?
> Most likely.  If you simply removed the mailboxes and articles, the 
> message-id records are still in deliver.db.
> Do you have admin access on the INN server?  If you do, then why don't 
> you just set it up to feed articles to Cyrus (unless you want to 'pull' 
> rather than 'push' for security reasons).

That was it, it was the lingering entries in the deliver.db that seem
to have been keeping subsequent copies of all of the active articles
from being delivered.  I won't normally be removing a whole swath of
mailboxes and then recreating them.

Flushing the deliver.db allowed the articles to be copied from the other
news server again.

So deliver.db isn't updated when mailboxes that contain messages are

I hadn't realized that, but it's seems like important information.

Thanks for the help!


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