Read-only secondary mail store?

Lars Peterson lars at
Fri Jun 25 16:25:52 EDT 2004

I did some browsing in the cyrus-info mailling list archives for a 
feature I'm interested in and came up with nada...perhaps someone can
point me in the right direction.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) here in the US requires that we
keep a copy of all public records (which include e-mail) for 6 years.

My initial thoughts on meeting this requirement for my cyrus imapd
environments are:

- configure cyrus imapd so all mail is stored in 2 mail stores

- the first store is the normal read/write store that clients use

- the second is for archival purposes; messages that are deleted or
  moved on the first mail store aren't deleted/moved on the 2nd store

- when mailboxes / folders are created on the 1st store, they would
  also be created in the 2nd

- rotate the 2nd / archival mail store as disk space permits

- the archival mail store could be reloaded upon request and searched
  on using IMAP

Has anybody ever done something like this before using cyrus imapd? If
so, how did you do it?

I'm wondering if I should be looking at the MTA level more than at the
MDA or mail storage level to pull something like this off...

If there is anybody out there who's had to deal with this issue and
wouldn't mind weighing in, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

-Lars Peterson

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