High availability ... again

Kevin Baker kbaker at missionvi.com
Thu Jul 8 03:10:44 EDT 2004

Fair enough ;)

So what would it cost to have this feature implemented?

Specifically adding the application level redundancy patch
that was submitted.

I think it is certainly worth discussion if nothing else
to see if it is something we, people interested, might
collectively be able to pay for.

Actually a pretty interesting topic... maybe more suited
for a general Slashdot thread. Paying for open source
dev.. I think there was something on that recently.


> On Tue, 6 Jul 2004, Kevin Baker wrote:
>> How would we indicate our interest to the development
>> team? How are updates and future development project
>> priorities decided?
> Several methods..
> Supplied patches often get a high priority (though not in
> this case, since
> we have a patch that is very complicated and not easy to
> apply since it is
> based off of different implementations of the expunge code
> that is in the
> 2.3 CVS).
> Quite honestly, development priorities are most often
> (Though not always)
> set around what CMU needs most at the time.  Sort of
> selfish, but very
> true.  Things like virtual domains got implemented because
> Ken was bored
> though.
> Another way to indicate your interest is with a hefty
> donation to CMU, of
> course :)
> -Rob
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