MURDER or IMAP proxy solution ?

Greg Pulfer mlnospam at
Thu Jul 1 09:57:58 EDT 2004

--- Earl R Shannon <ershanno at> wrote:

> Well, the uniform name space means a couple of
> things. First, each 
> user's account has a unique name. Not just on the
> IMAP server where 
> their account resides, but across all the IMAP
> servers that are part
> of the MURDER. This allows the accounts to be on any
> machine in the
> MURDER. This allows the MURDER to be referred to by
> one hostname in
> DNS, ie "mail.some.domain" because the murder keeps
> track of where
> things have to go.

I'm interrupting you here to ask you what do you mean
here with "This allos the MURDER to be referred by one
hostname", do you mean here the frontend server(s) or
the backend server(s) ?

> Whether its for deliver of email
> or the connection
> of a client. It's the client connection part that
> brings the shared
> folders into the mix. Usually a client program or
> MUA ( Mail User Agent)
> is configured with the username/server where the
> persons account 
> resides. This gets them to their inbox. But what if
> an organization
> has some shared folders? And what if those shared
> folders are on another
> machine? A second server must be configured in the
> MUA to allow the
> connection to the server where the folders are. If
> using a MURDER this 
> second server would not need to be configured in the
> MUA. The client 
> program sees one "uniform name space" where all the
> folders reside with 
> only configuring ONE name for the email server in
> the MUA.

Thanks for this explanation, now it's clear to me that
this uniform name space implemented in MURDER is
really a nice feature that we will need. 


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