New Cyrus Server - what would be ideal?

Elizabeth Schwartz betsy.schwartz at
Sun Jul 11 16:07:13 EDT 2004

My current mail server has Solaris 8, cyrus, silkymail, sieve,
sendmail and a couple of milters (clamav and vbsfilter) and an RBL or
two. We're an academic site with about a thousand users and 15k-40k

I'm planning to build a new, larger, server with Solaris 9, and cyrus,
and migrate the existing accounts. Unanswered questions: sendmail or
postfix? (or exim or qmail?) What combination of milters and filters?
Silkymail or Squirrelmail?

I don't want to start a religious war, so offline answers or pointers
to other discussions would be great, but I'd love to hear any thoughts
, or what you like and dislike about your own setup. If people respond
offlist I will summarize.

thanks Betsy
betsys at
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