New Cyrus Server - what would be ideal?

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Sun Jul 11 16:50:43 EDT 2004

Elizabeth Schwartz wrote:

>My current mail server has Solaris 8, cyrus, silkymail, sieve,
>sendmail and a couple of milters (clamav and vbsfilter) and an RBL or
>two. We're an academic site with about a thousand users and 15k-40k
>I'm planning to build a new, larger, server with Solaris 9, and cyrus,
>and migrate the existing accounts. Unanswered questions: sendmail or
>postfix? (or exim or qmail?) What combination of milters and filters?
>Silkymail or Squirrelmail?
>I don't want to start a religious war, so offline answers or pointers
>to other discussions would be great, but I'd love to hear any thoughts
>, or what you like and dislike about your own setup. If people respond
>offlist I will summarize.
>thanks Betsy
>betsys at
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my vote would be for postfix.  I did work on a few solaris sparcs during 
spring of this year at large insurance company getting about 3 million 
emails per month! 
Postfix was setup as gateway and relayed to internal lotus notes 
servers.  The one thing done to the postfix servers was to put 2 pairs 
of mirrored drives - 1 for the mail queues, the other with the log que 
and the rest of the OS.  This helped to reduce disk contention.
compiled postfix and it ran perfectly.  They had trend-micro virus 
scanner running as well.
Basically, what really helped out was the UCE controls of postfix.  That 
was a really big help - the volume of email was not an issue.  Postfix 
ran it without a sweat - the issue that was resolved (too many mails in 
the deferred que - directed at non-existing users) was done so by using 
the UCE controls of postfix as well as relay user authentication.

good luck,


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