Imap mailbox aliases (two names for the same box)

Ghislain ADNET gadnet at
Tue Jul 20 12:39:57 EDT 2004


   I know some of you had the problem of the mailbox with an upper case that are not recognized when goign through sendmail.

   For exemple writing to me+Support at is translated me+support at

   My problem is Thunderbird use Junk, Trash Sent name boxes etc... and have special icons to show those folders that 
permit easy identification of the folder by mundane users. But i cannot forward to uppercase adress folders so i have to 
choose between :

1/ use sent instead of Sent and forget about the special icon in thunderbird and mozilla
2/ find a way to create an alias at the server level between Sent and sent (so basicaly only one folder for two names)

   Do any of you have a solution for the second solution ?

best regards,
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