Problem getting email posted to a virtual mailbox domain

Martin Haywood martin at
Tue Jul 20 12:19:05 EDT 2004

I am using cyrus on freeBSD 5.2 with postfix.
Mail to default domain seems to work ok. Mail to virtual mailbox user 
'example at' gets put in '/var/mail/', but logging 
in with pop or imap doesn't retrieve the mail.  There's no error 
messages during delivery or pop login.

I have postfix with virtual_mailbox_maps showing example at  as 
mapping to /var/mail/ so I can see how the mail reaches 
that place, but no combination of imapd.conf settings that I've tried 
seems to let cyrus find it there. Maybe it's a stupid question, but I 
somehow don't understand how to set partition-default so that it works 
without permission errors -- it was set to /var/spool/imap which 
contained user/ and domain/ but I can't see how to mesh these with 

It may be rather dumb of me but I've spent a lot of hours trying a lot 
of permutations of directories etc. without getting this to work, so 
even if it's obvious I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Martin <martin at>

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