v2.1.14 freeze from LIST "" %

SideWinder sidewinder at kolumbus.fi
Wed Jul 21 16:48:32 EDT 2004

Hi list,

My ISP has an IMAP server running v2.1.14 and there is a problem with 
accessing my two mailboxes in it. I can read the INBOX of both accounts, 
but when I try to get the "mailbox list", the connection times out waiting 
for a reply from the server. Here is a log from Eudora (some identifying 
information edited):
LogLevel 127 (0x7F)
MAIN 16:0.0 Fetching mailbox list from server: "***.*****.**"...
MAIN 16:0.0 Open *.*.*.*:143
MAIN 64:0.0 Rcvd: "* OK IMAP4 Ready ******* 0001dcc5\r\n"
MAIN 32:0.0 Sent: "00000 CAPABILITY\r\n"
MAIN 64:0.0 Rcvd: "00000 OK CAPABILITY\r\n"
MAIN 32:0.0 Sent: "00001 LOGIN ******** ****************\r\n"
MAIN 64:0.1 Rcvd: "00001 OK You are so in\r\n"
MAIN 32:0.1 Sent: "00002 LIST "" INBOX\r\n"
MAIN 64:0.2 Rcvd: "* LIST (\Noinferiors) "/" "INBOX"\r\n"
MAIN 64:0.2 Rcvd: "00002 OK Completed (0.000 secs 2 calls)\r\n"
MAIN 32:0.2 Sent: "00003 LIST "" %\r\n"
<connection times out here>

I checked Bugzilla, but found nothing pertaining to this. The ISP tells me 
that they have "done all test and everything checked out". Since they are 
apparently not getting much done themselves to find a fix, I would much 
appreciate any suggestions, to be forwarded to them for consideration.

As an interesting OT observation I noted that even though not being able to 
use any submailboxes or folders is not a major problem when using those 
accounts with a normal email client, I can't read them from WAPmail, 
because the gateway service always checks the mailbox list first and if 
that fails, it won't fetch any emails.


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