Cyrus mailboxes and OpenAFS

Stuart Merrill stuart at
Mon Jul 26 05:37:46 EDT 2004

I'm attempting to configure a network of servers with SuSE Enterprise 8.0
looking after a RAID array with tape backup and SuSE OpeneXchange 4.1 (which
I believe is a version of Cyrus) on a different server managing


I want to put the mailboxes (in fact any volatile data) on the RAID array,
but have been told by many that there are locking issues - this is confirmed
with your
"Cyrus IMAP Server Installation FAQ" section headed "NFS (don't)".


I have been directed towards OpenAFS (another of your projects), have
obtained the source from SuSE and am in the process of compiling and
installing it (not without difficulty, mind you).


Before I venture any further, does OpenAFS overcome all the issues that NFS
fails to cover, or should I be re-thinking my entire approach to the
configuration of the servers?


I see from your " - 12230" (a few years old!) that then
the thread advised to steer clear of AFS as "I/O throughput is limited".


I would be extremely grateful for your latest take on this subject.


Kind regards


Stuart Merrill

Based in London, England


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