Running Cyrus IMAP with 32Mb RAM [Was: migrating from maildir (courier) to cyrus]

Vadim vadim at
Wed Jul 28 16:16:53 EDT 2004

Andrew Caird wrote:

>--- Vadim <vadim at> wrote:
>>I am currently running exim4/procmail/courier setup on
>>Debian box.  It serves as a mail server for a few users
>>with large amount of mail.  Some of the folders have
>>nearly 10,000 messages.  Courier works very good on 
>>small folders but have problem on larger one (and it is
>>old computer with only 32Mb RAM).  My understanding is
>>that cyrus would perform much better due to
>>indexing/database used by cyrus, am I correct?
>  Also, Cyrus is certainly better at handling large
>mailboxes than most everything else out there, but 32MB of
>RAM might not be enough for it.
>  As a side note, what are the lower limits of memory/CPU
>that people have run the Cyrus IMAP server on?
>  Good luck.
Based on cyrus documentation, imap server need up to 512 K RAM per 
connection.  Assuming 5 connection per user (mozilla default), it is up 
to 2.5Mb per user, so with 32Mb Ram and only apache2/mail server running 
I should be able to support up to 4 users without any problems.

Is anyone running cyrus on low memory computer? Any thoughts on this issue?
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