migrating from maildir (courier) to cyrus

Vadim vadim at kutsyy.com
Wed Jul 28 16:10:11 EDT 2004

Igor Brezac wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Vadim wrote:
>> I am looking for some documentation on how to transfer mail from 
>> maildir format (courier) to cyrus. I tried to look for it in 
>> documentations/archives but I only found mbox->cyrus and cyrus->maildir.
> Try mailutil.  It comes with pine and UW imapd: 
> ftp://ftp.cac.washington.edu/imap/  It supports maildir format.
What do you mean UW imapd support maildir?  Here is what UW says: 
http://www.washington.edu/imap/IMAP-FAQs/index.html#1.31 .
My understanding that mailutil will connect to any imap server (say 
courier), and using that server mailutil will use maildir format.  Am I 
missing something?

I am looking for something what doesn't requires two servers to be 
running simultaneously, and the only util I found is isync 
http://isync.sourceforge.net/ which would sync maildir with any imap 
server (cyrus).  Have anyone used it?

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