Autodelete of old mails

Ramprasad A Padmanabhan ramprasad at
Sat Jan 10 06:17:27 EST 2004

> > I am thinking of a hack in the ipurge source with another commandline
> > option 
> > something like
> > ipurge -f -d 30  --skipuntil 'user/someuser' 
> > 
> > Is that feasible
> I don't know; sorry. Might it not be simpler overall, however, to give 
> ipurge the ability to skip corrupt mailboxes and move on to the next one?
> Craig Ringer

I am not very good at systems administration myself , I am basically a
perl programmer.
I looked at the source of ipurge.c  , found it pretty straightforward to
add a skipuntil flag

On the contrary why it exits at a on finding a corrupt mailbox , I could
not understand. 
Might be there is some exit() function call somewhere within the purge 
or expunge function.

So now I have to flags added to my ipurge  , skipuntil  so that I skip
all mailboxes until I find a name '>'  than that name and one more flag
stopat so that I skip all mailboxes after a particular mailbox

So Now I can fork multiple ipurges  
as well as run it in a perl wrapper and check the output , If it exits
for a particular mailbox , I log the mailbox name and restart ipurge to
skip until and also the corrupt mailbox

Now I have to reconstruct all the mailboxes listed as corrupt in my

Well seems got a way out  , finally. I would appreciate any inputs 




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