nntp fiddling

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Fri Jan 16 19:20:13 EST 2004

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, Nils Vogels wrote:

> When I try to set the news2mail annotation to my normal email address, I
> can verify the Return-Path header is indeed empty (Return-Path: <>)
> AFAIK, the use of <> is reserved for the popular Mailer-Daemon ;)
> Would it be an idea for Cyrus to use either the 'From'  header of the
> post, or maybe even  the imapd.conf  postmaster variable ?

I noticed this in my fiddling and asked Ken about it.  Apparently the
site that requested this annotation didn't have problems with the <>
sender, and since we're not currently using it, and other issues on
my mind at the time, it didn't seem worthwhile pursuing that train of
thought further.  (He's done so much that I hate to ask for too much
more.  ;-)

Though, I guess I have to admit that having some sort of setable
something for the sender probably would be "nice".  It might also
make it more useful, I should think, in mirroring posts to NNTP to an
email list, at least a list that had closed posting.....


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