nntp fiddling

Nils Vogels nivo at yuckfou.org
Thu Jan 22 12:14:09 EST 2004

Ken Murchison wrote:

> Nils Vogels wrote:
>> Kevin, may I ask how you managed to get multiple groups using one 
>> fetchnews command ?
>> I've been trying comma delimited group names (fetchnews -n -w 
>> "nl.test,nl.someother" news.myisp.nl) but for some reason no articles 
>> are fetched then. If I use space delimitations, only the first group 
>> works.
>> fetchnews(8) isn't too clear about this, I'm afraid and when I look 
>> at example wildmats in imapd.conf(5) I see comma seperated grouplists 
>> ("peer.example.com:*,!control.*, at local.*")
>> Else I will be fetchnews-ing a complete feed (including binaries) 
>> while I really only need a few groups, right ?
> What server software are you trying to connect to?  I'm told by the 
> authors of INN, the v2.4 supports comma-separated wildmats for LIST 
I'm trying to connect to a DIABLO install at current, to be specific:

Diablo 5-CUR-20030601-00



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