Is debian's cyrdeliver really lmtp?

Jim Archer jim at
Tue Jan 6 06:47:11 EST 2004

Hi All...

When I invoke cyrdeliver (which I believe is just the deliver program 
renamed by the debian package) I see this happen in my cyrus mail.log file:

Jan  6 06:42:32 test2 cyrus/master[7572]: about to exec 
Jan  6 06:42:32 test2 cyrus/lmptunix[7572]: executed
Jan  6 06:42:32 test2 cyrus/lmtpd[7572]: accepted connection
Jan  6 06:42:32 test2 cyrus/lmtpd[7572]: lmtp connection preauth'd as 

I have been told that it is better to use lmtp then deliver because lmtp 
will handle multiple recipients at the same time and also because it 
returns better error messages to Exim4.  But what is the difference between 
deliver invoking lmtp and Exim4 invoking it?  Is it because Exim4 can only 
hand deliver one addressee at a time?


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