Problem with shared folders

Oliver Simon osimon at
Tue Jan 6 07:15:58 EST 2004

Hi list ;-)

I´m experiencing a new problem with shared folders ...
Were great, anyone could give me hint, to solve this.

After installation of Postfix 2.0.15 with Cyrus 2.1.15 (?) I created
some users with webcyradm. They were called mail0001 and so on.

I don´t know how, but I shared one of the folders using squirrelmails
options. After that, I mapped this folder into an another useraccount,
which is my main mailaccount. Later, I resolved another problem with
strange user-naming in webcyradm and naming problems with the folders,
so that squirrelmail was able to work with them.
The problem is, that the mapped folder user.mail001 still exists in my
shared folders in my main account, although the user mail001 is no more
existing. Any trial to remove this folder, were unsuccessfull. Trying to
remove it in Squirrelmail results in "I/O Error", same in Opengroupware.
Using cyradm tells me about other errors. The only "success" was, that I
was able to to copy (thought I´m moving it) to my trash folder in
cyradm. If I now try to empty my trash, I get "I/O Error".

In the meantime, I continued and no w I have the following in
OpenGroupware and everywhere else ...

- Sent ...
- SharedFolders ...
     - user.mail0001 ...
- user.mail0001 ...
- SPAM ...
- Technics
- Trash ...
     - user.mail0001

Please help, what can I do to get rid of those folders ... ?

Thanks, ...olli

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