Trouble logging with syslog

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Wed Jan 7 19:35:07 EST 2004

Hello everyone.

Im running a FreeBSD 4.9 box with cyrus-imapd-2.1.16 and cyrus-sasl-2.1.17.
I've installed the packages through the ports tree and i've been able to 
successfully get everything working.

However, the only snag I have run into is getting syslog to log information 
to /var/log/imapd.log, as suggested on the cyrus web site.

Here is what I have in my syslog.conf file:

local6.debug                                    /var/log/imapd.log
auth.debug                                      /var/log/auth.log

auth.log works no problem, but not imapd.log

I tried different settings, but for some reason, it's still not logging.
I flipped through the man pages but haven't found anything that stuck out 
as a problem or a fix.

Anyone have a suggestion on what im missing?



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