imap migration tools

Craig Ringer craig at
Thu Jan 8 11:25:12 EST 2004

Kendrick Vargas wrote:
> In any case, I tried something similar a long time ago and I remember 
> having issues with various mailboxes that simply had a crapload of mail in 
> them. I'm wondering what people's experiences are moving several thousand 
> messages in one mailbox and 1-500 megs worth of mail for any one folder. I 
> don't want the script dieing half way through the transfer.

In my experience mailutil handles this fine.

> Any pointers to other tools that might fit the bill would be appreciated 
> too. Thanks much :-)

I've had excellent results with mailutil, as suggested earlier by Ken 
Murchison. I used it for the original migration from MDaemon3 on WinNT 
over to the shiny new Cyrus box (and what a pleasant change, too...). I 
found it very good, and it made my migration quite simple.

On the other hand, if you're moving from Cyrus 2.1 to 2.2 is it possible 
to simply copy the mail spools and configdirectory across?

Craig Ringer

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