Is Reiserfs better than ext3

mb mb/cyrus at
Fri Jan 9 10:46:04 EST 2004

At 17:54 +0530 Ramprasad A Padmanabhan wrote:

>I am having around 2000 users on my cyrus server ( redhat 9.0 ) 
>someone told be I should reformat my partition in Reiserfs rather that
>ext3 and I will get a great perlformance improvement

..until you get a hardware failure and your entire mail store is toast.

reiserfs is brilliant for some applications (Squid boxes, desktops..), but
ext3 is reliable (the best fsck in town alone makes it worth it), and for
your mail server that is surely the most important thing. If you want to
speed up ext3 look at Linux 2.6.

I switched my IMAP store from Debian to Fedora Core on December 26th--it's
now ready for Linux 2.6 as soon as someone (other than myself) says it's
too slow..



PS I know some people say XFS, JFS etc are brilliant but my local
experience is that although they may be faster in Linux 2.4, they are more
prone to corruption.. (haven't tried either in the last 6 months tho')

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