Cyrus and Postfix question

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Fri Jan 9 17:51:36 EST 2004

Hello and Thanks for your reply.

>Frankly I would stay away from LMTP over TCP unless you really want
>annother port to firewall on you machine. I always try and keep it simple.

For now, im going to use UNIX domain sockets. I figure, since both postfix 
and cyrus are on the same machine, only seems logical to set it up this way.

>I would say used the second option. That uses the cyrus setting from
>postfix's Doing that gives good readability (for when you come
>back to this in a few years wondering what you did) and a bit more
>controll. By using the entry you can set delivery options and
>the like. Though the cyrus entry in postfix's uses cyrus's
>'deliver' app and not LMTP.

For that instance, it would be:

mailbox_transport = cyrus

Then in my

# Cyrus 2.1.5
cyrus     unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
   user=cyrus argv=/usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -r ${sender} -m 
${extension} ${user}

So it envokes the cyrus deliver program.
I see how that works.
Just trying to find out more on the two options: advantages and 
disadvantages of both.

>In my case I wrote a wrapper around deliver that filters the mail through
>You know that this is the cyrus list right ;)

Oops. My mistake.

>Eeek! If you don't find postfix to your liking then check out qmail or
>exim. I played with sendmail once...... ONCE. That was enough.

hehe. I got a kick out of that.

>   Nick

I appreciate the help.



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