Cyrus and Postfix question

Nick Fisher cyrus at
Sun Jan 11 18:48:38 EST 2004

> Nick Fisher wrote:
>>> >> In my case I wrote a wrapper around deliver that filters the mail
>>> >> through SpamAssassin.
>>>Which would be better done using something like spampd or amavisd-new
>>>and/or using Postfix advanced content filtering of course...
>> Actually I know what I'm doing and I'm quite happy with it. I do use
>> spamd
>> (the wraper implements spamc) and because postfix is trying to deliver
>> it
>> to a perticular user, I can easily implement per-user settings (-u on
>> spamc). It's also a bonus doing this at the delivery agent because I
>> don't
>> have worry about not checking out bound mail (As I would have to if I
>> did
>> this with a cf). Frankly any extra overhead due to it being pipe rather
>> than lmtp is dwarfed by SpamAssassin. It's quick n' easy, for me it's
>> the
>> perfect solution ;)
> And if one is happy and things are working one should stick with it of
> course. :)
Well it keeps to my two most basic rules with config:

1) Keep it simple
2) If it ain't broke, don't fix it

> I was just trying to point out that if you're handling a fairly large
> amount of e-mail and from Postfix are calling wrapper+spamc+running
> spamd+deliver chances are you wouldn't be that happy. ;)
Well as I said in the original post, I'm really a tourist on this list...
my cyrus install only has to deal with 5-10 accounts. I personally have
never had any problems with deliver but you and others come out quite
heavily against it. So as a matter of intrest what would you recomend to
replace my current script setup? I say script setup because I don't want
to run multiple instances of postfix on that machine.... so in essance I
can't really use the content filters. I also want to have per user
configs. I had a bit of a look around and found things like spampd
( but they don't
appear to do per user settings (Kendrick Vargas mentioned hacking it but
that's a seperate issue). Is there anything around you know of that's a
drop in replacement?


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