Sieve works but sieveshell/sivtest fails

Ken Murchison ken at
Sun Jan 11 10:22:46 EST 2004

Markus Wernig wrote:

> Hallo
> I have done a fresh compile of cyrus-imap 2.2.2-Beta on Solaris 9.
> Everything works quite as expected (it took some time to find out about
> the new bytecode format of sieve scripts, though).
> The only thing that keeps failing is sieve access via the sieve socket.
> # sivtest -u user localhost (with or without further options)
> always results in:
> # failure: SASL initialization
> # sieveshell -u user localhost 
> has sieveshell die with:
> # unable to connect to server at /usr/local/bin/sieveshell line 174
> When I enter a "print $!" in sieveshell after the call to
> sieve_get_handle I get a "Bad file number" - rather obviously, as the
> call didn't complete successfully and no handle was returned.
> Both methods (sivtest and sieveshell) give me no error in
> /var/log/local6.log. The log shows the connection attempt though:

Are you seeing any errors in auth.log?  What do you see when you telnet 
to the sieve port?

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