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Jules Agee julesa at
Thu Jan 15 13:27:50 EST 2004

Whoops, sorry for the subject line, this is unrelated to Troy McKinnon's 
slow response issue. Subject line should have been "unixhierarchysep" or 
something like...

Jules Agee wrote:
> I've gotten a request (from someone I'd rather not say 'no' to) to 
> create an IMAP account with a period in the username. If I set 
> "unixhierarchysep=yes" in imapd.conf on an already established 2.1 
> server, what kinds of problems can I expect to run into?
> The server already disallows mailbox names with slashes, so I wouldn't 
> expect that to be a problem. I'm sure nobody is trying to deliver 
> messages directly to any mailboxes besides their INBOX, except through 
> sieve scripts.

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