Using singleinstancestore on a large scale (thousands of recipients)

Earl R Shannon ershanno at
Tue Jan 13 11:00:21 EST 2004


I may have made an invalid assumption. The perl script I mentioned
in my last post runs on the IMAP server itself. No need for an
MTA to get involved. I assumed the initial poster was doing the
same. BTW, deliver is simply a wrapper to lmtpd on the IMAP
server. A little overhead exec'ing another file, but it makes
using LMTP easier.

Earl Shannon at wrote:
> On Tue, 13 Jan 2004, Sebastian Hagedorn wrote:
>>we've got Cyrus 2.1.16 running on Red Hat AS 2.1 with singleinstancestore
>>and it's working well. A common case is that mails will have up to 5
>>-rw-------    5 cyrus    mail         3754 Jan 13 11:13
>>We haven't yet moved all our student accounts to Cyrus, but once we've done
>>that, I'd like to be able to use this mechanism for sending mails to all of
>>them. We've got around 30,000 student accounts. Now I wonder:
>>- can a single inode have 30,000+ links? We're using ext3 as this is the
>>only file system supported by Red Hat.
>>- can I invoke "deliver" with such a long argument list? If not, is there
>>an alternative?
> We don't have as many students, but we see a fair number of "large
> distribution" posts as well.  You don't indicate what MTA you're
> using, but as pointed out, you need to use LMTP for this feature to
> have any impact.
> If you're using Postfix, you can control how many recipients are
> allowed to be handled by a single post:
> # Cyrus will hard link messages to multiple recipients
> # on the same Cyrus partition.
> lmtp_destination_recipient_limit = 3000
> So a message to 6K will result in two messages with 3K links to each.
> I figured that was good enough, and not likely to freak anything out.

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