maximum recommended mailbox quota?

Joe Hrbek jhrbek at
Wed Jan 14 12:40:19 EST 2004

> > My boss asked me if I could allow quotas up to
> > 3 or 4 gb for
> > certain users.  I laughed, he didn't. :)
> That's mostly a system policy decision, though, clients and servers will
> generally perform worse with large numbers of messages in a given folder
> (not necessaraly the same thing as as having several large messages in a
> folder).

I use simon matter's RPM and I think it has an option (via rpm build switch)
to hash user mailboxes so that clients can poll the mailboxes faster.  Would
this help?

> Note that the quota isn't the full story about how much space a mailbox
> uses, since the index and especially the cache files can take a nontrivial
> amount of space as well.

Hmm, the index files that are in each folder right?  Not the db files like:

             mboxlist.db = skiplist
             subs.db = flat
             seen.db = skiplist
             duplicate.db = db3-nosync
             tls.db = db3-nosync

(that is how my dbs are set up right now.)

Thanks for the help,


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