maximum recommended mailbox quota?

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Wed Jan 14 12:15:58 EST 2004

> Hi, quick question.  Assuming I have the space (I have 4, 146gb scsi
> ultra320 drives in a raid setup with dual xeon processors and 2 gb of
> ram),
> what is the maximum "recommended" mailbox quota? I've googled around for
> an
> hour and I haven't been able to find anything worthwile.  I also looked at
> the imapv4 rfc and didn't see anything like, "don't have a quota higher
> than...", etc.  My boss asked me if I could allow quotas up to 3 or 4 gb
> for
> certain users.  I laughed, he didn't. :)

I have a similar box but currently ~1TB U160 SCSI Raid and with ~1700
users we have a default quota of 500MB. Some accounts however have quota
of ~2GB. I don't think there is a recommended quota size. It really
depends on what you are doing. Usually ISP and universities have smaller
quota than in the corporate world but you are free to do what you want.
IIRC Cyrus IMAPd has no problems with big quota.


> Thanks!
> -j

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