Questions on some weird problems im experiencing

Jason Williams jwilliams at
Wed Jan 14 14:55:05 EST 2004

I've been working with Cyrus for a little over a week now. Doing some 
testing and such in preparation for rolling cyrus out for our company.

Note: Running FreeBSD 4.9 as the OS.

I've tested installing cyrus and cyrus-sasl both through source and through 
the ports tree.
What is interesting is that i've run into a few things that I can't seem to 
figure out why they are happening.

On this last time of testing, I did the following:

Fresh install of FreeBSD: CVSup the source and ports.

I added cyrus-sasl2 through the ports tree with the following config options:

make WITH_BDB_VER=41 -DWITHOUT_NTLM install clean

Then, I added cyrus-imapd2..


Did the initial configuring and testing.

After that, I tested logging into the cyradm interface to setup some user 
mail boxes. When I tail the /var/log/auth.log, I see the following entries:

Jan 14 11:41:47 obsidian imapd[156]: opiechallenge: user not found or locked

This is the first one that pops up when I log into cyradm with a user I 
specified in the 'admins' section of imapd.conf

Now, when I add a user to the sasldb2: saslpasswd -c testuser
I get the following:

Jan 14 11:46:17 obsidian saslpasswd2: setpass succeeded for testuser
Jan 14 11:46:17 obsidian saslpasswd2: error deleting entry from sasldb: 
DB_NOTFOUND: No matching key/data pair found
Jan 14 11:46:17 obsidian last message repeated 2 times

Since im not familiar with the DB_NOTFOUND message as well as the 
opiechallenge message, I thought I would ask here, see if anyone had any 
idea what it could be.
I googled a bit, but did not find anything as to WHY this was showing up.

I appreciate the help.


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