Skiplist causing DB problems? (UPDATE)

Ken Murchison ken at
Mon Jan 19 18:23:13 EST 2004

Jason Williams wrote:
> Good morning everyone.
> Thought i'd post something very interesting I noticed this morning when 
> I came into the office.
> I started this thread last Friday, as I was testing two idential servers 
> (hardware wise) with different configs.
> Anyway, I came in this morning and was looking around in the server that 
> was compiled with skiplist.
> What is weird is that I am no longer receiving those errors my my 
> message log...
>  >Jan 16 16:46:02 obsidian ctl_cyrusdb[169]: checkpointing cyrus databases
>  >Jan 16 16:46:02 obsidian ctl_cyrusdb[169]: DBERROR: error listing log 
> files: DB_NOTFOUND: No matching key/data pair found
>  >Jan 16 16:46:02 obsidian ctl_cyrusdb[169]: DBERROR: archive 
> /var/imap/db: cyrusdb error
> Those are no longer showing up...the checkpointing does it's job and 
> reports no errors.
> This is very intriguing to me. Did cyrus just need some time to figure 
> out things on it's own? Granted, the last time I touched this server was 
> Friday afternoon.
> Anyone have any idea on WHY all the sudden the errors are gone?

This is on a brand new server, correct?  If you only had them at 
startup, and for a short time thereafter, its most likely because the 
BDB environment didn't have any transaction logs to delete and archive 
(this is the part of the code that was generating the error messages).

Deleting the BDB databases and environment (at my suggestion) did 
nothing more than start the process over again.  If we had left it 
alone, the errors would have gone away sooner.  Sorry.

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