PTS & LDAP Take 3

Sava Chankov sava at
Fri Jan 23 06:46:27 EST 2004

Tim Pushor wrote:
> No, ldap.c doesn't work for me at all. If there are no memberOf 
> attributes, it dies and user authentication fails (!). I guess I could 
> setup a test user and step through it, but I did see what was happening 
> at least in my adaptation of ldap.c. Canonicalization (of a group) was 
> returning null because of the colon. So what use is it? There are enough 
> unknowns that I would like to get cleared up if at all possible. I was 
> hoping someone from CMU would be able to help advise.
> Thanks,
> Tim

 Hi Tim,
I have gone through all that you explain here, even stepped through the program with gdb. I have fixed some bugs (like canonicalization failure with colon and null replies on error that used to hang ptloader) and added some additional functionality. If you are interested, you can download them from

Sava Chankov,
research & development

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