individual User spamassassin settings during lmtp delivery

Romeo Benzoni romeo at
Tue Jan 20 11:39:00 EST 2004

Hi Kendrick

Kendrick Vargas said:
> Just wanted to chime in on this thread and note that this also answers
> Nick Fisher's question of why I do my setup (multiple instances of
> postfix) the way I do.

I don't have any knowledge on postfix. would the following example in your
setup have called twice spamassassin and so ended up the *single*
incomming message in two *different* messages beeing delivered to each
local mailboxes? or in other words in which state is the message split up
in two messages to have them handled different (sendmail tend to be smart
and not dividing them apart in any stage and deliver is as one message
together to cyrus via lmtp).


user1 at  like to have buy at on the whitelist

user2 at  like to have buy at on the blacklist

now the following email arrive:

From: buy at
To:   user1 at, user2 at
Subject: ...


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