individual User spamassassin settings during lmtp delivery

Romeo Benzoni romeo at
Tue Jan 20 03:45:11 EST 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-20 at 04:30, Craig Ringer wrote:
> Romeo Benzoni wrote:
> > 1. is my approach wide of the mark or are there better, smarter
> > solutions to achieve this?  (I've read about people doing this using a
> > deliver wrapper which calls spamassassin and then deliver. but I don't
> > like this kind of "fork and exec orgies")
> I'm in your situation - some of my users _need_ spam filtering, others 
> absolutely don't want it. I've found the best solution to be simply 
> tagging messages using SpamAssassin (X-Spam-Flag: true|false) then 
> letting filtering be done in sieve using a simple header check. It's 
> even possible for users to pick different thresholds - one of my users 
> likes 8 instead of the default 5, so they just use sieve to check if 
> X-Spam-Score contains 8 or more asterisks. You can also use Junk 
> mailboxes or instant spam deletion configured on a per-user basis this way.
> It wouldn't be hard to whip up a CGI script to do the sieve 
> configuration for them but my site is not large I'm currently handling 
> it manually.
> It's also possible for users to configure their clients to do 
> client-side filtering, but server-side with sieve is much nicer.

thats exactly what im doing right now. user can specify a threshold in
their sieve filter (or in a Outlook Rule, or ...) and decide what to do
with a mail considered as spam (by a nonindividual serverside rule
set!). my point is, that I like to have the possibilty for users to take
influence on the decision what is considerd spam.


user1 at  like to have buy at on the whitelist (never
treaten as spam)

user2 at	like to have buy at on the blacklist

now the following email arrive:

From: buy at
To:   user1 at, user2 at
Subject: ...


got it ?


Romeo Benzoni

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