IOERROR: undefined error: 0

Kirill Miazine km at
Tue Jan 20 02:49:57 EST 2004


Recently I moved most of my mail users from Courier to Cyrus. Not
without any troubles however. E.g. when deleting a message, EXPUNGE
fails with

    System I/O error

Logs say

    IOERROR: writing index/cache for Undefined error: 0

And in spool/user/km/Sent I see two files which I bet should not be there

    * cyrus.index.NEW
    * cyrus.cache.NEW

Deleting these two seems to help sometimes, but not always. Now I have
two messages in Sent which do not want to be expunged.

I have Cyrus 2.2.2-BETA running on OpenBSD 3.4. Berkeley DB is 3.1.17.
I have not overridden the default database backends for Cyrus, so I am
using whather the defaults are.

Any help very appreciated.

Kirill Miazine
mailto:km at

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