port 25 not responding anymore

Troy McKinnon TroyMcKinnon at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 20 02:22:46 EST 2004

I was trying to install cron, and it needed stmp_daemon which was only avail from sendmail, postfix, or exim in yast2. (suse 9).. Since my install of postfix was as per LUC's howto and not the one packaged with SUSE.

I could not find anyother way to install cron so I decided to install exim since I didn't think it woudl break anything.

Well now I can't send/receive email.  It just hangs. Basicall telnet to 25 is completely hosed now.

Do you have any idea on how to see what the exim rpm modified.  I am assuming it took over control as mail agent or something. Or is there someway to have postfix/cyrus reassume the role of smtp? I am pretty desperate on this. I really don't to reinstall since it took me so long to get it working the first time.  Not sure if I hosed postfix or cyrus or what.

Would really appreciate the help on this.


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