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-- Scott Adkins <adkinss at> is rumored to have mumbled on Mittwoch, 
21. Januar 2004 16:30 Uhr -0500 regarding RE: postmaster mail:

> The problem is that the mail isn't going *to* Mailer-Daemon, it is
> coming *from* Mailer-Daemon *to* postmaster.  So, setting the alias to
> mailer-daemon isn't going to matter here.
> The relevant configuration is as follows:
>   # who (if anyone) should get extra copies of error messages
>   #O PostmasterCopy=Postmaster
>   # where do errors that occur when sending errors get sent?
>   #O DoubleBounceAddress=postmaster
> I find it a bit confusing, as PostmasterCopy is commented out, which
> according to the docs means that it is undefined and thus does not send
> copies of error messages to the postmaster.  The DoubleBounceAddress
> option is also commented out, which means that errors generated from
> already bounced e-mails will be sent to postmaster by default.  This
> may be the culprit for our large amount of mail, and we can uncomment
> it and set it to nothing (i.e. remove 'postmaster') in order to not
> have e-mail sent to postmaster.

Right, that's the thing to do, we've set it to "doublebounce", which is an 
alias for /dev/null. We've been doing that for years.

> The big question I am asking is what other people are doing.  Are they
> turning it off (via configuration options or forwarding to /dev/null)


We get about 200k mails per day and even with the setting above there is a 
lot of mail for postmaster. I have a student as assistant who goes through 
most of it ;-)

Cheers, Sebastian
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