Migrate passwords from shadow to mysql

Ken Murchison ken at oceana.com
Fri Jan 23 00:52:17 EST 2004

Ted Cabeen wrote:
> Ken Murchison <ken at oceana.com> writes:
>>Shelley Waltz wrote:
>>>I am installing a new postfix-cyrus mail server.
>>>I currently have cyrus-imap 1.6.24 authing PLAIN
>>>from /etc/shadow.
>>>I wish to migrate the passwords(md5) from the shadow file to
>>>a mysql database and use this to auth PLAIN using TLS.
>>>Is there a script available to do so - to migrate the users
>>>from the shadow file and create the records for mysql authentication?
>>>I did search, but found nothing.
>>First, I'd strongly suggest that you upgrade to a recent version of
>>Cyrus, either 2.1.16 or 2.2.3.  To do this, you'll need a recent
>>version of SASL (I'd suggest 2.1.17).  Then, you just configure
>>Cyrus/SASL to authentication plaintext from /etc/shadow and have it
>>autotransition passwords into the SQL auxprop plugin.
> That works?  Cool!  
> Will that store plaintext passwords in the SQL database, or will it
> store them encrypted?

The current plugin will store them as plaintext.  There are patches out 
there which I believe will store them encrypted.

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