CyrusImapd+sasldb+postfix+smtpauth ...

Fred Gravel mindedsmasher at
Wed Jan 28 17:56:34 EST 2004

Hi jason,
Sorry for the delay...
I did have a lot of work at job... no time for setup that stuff and 
configure it since friday...

>My pleasure. I'm currently writing up a doc for install cyrus-imapd and 
>postfix on FreeBSD. Once it is done, im going to put it up on my web page. 

Great... i would like to read it ...
I could test it on another freebsd server i'll get next month... and share 
results with you...

>Remind me on Monday to dig up a README I have and I will mail it to you. It 
>will have a very detailed explanation of how to setup cyrus with postfix, 
>the good and the bad.

It could help very much... thanks...

Fred Gravel.

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