New rpms of Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.3

Harris Landgarten harrisl at
Wed Jan 28 17:47:30 EST 2004


Your 2.2.3 src.rpm have a dependency on cyrus-sasl-devel >= 2.1.15-1. Do you
have a src.rpm for that. I am trying to build on Redhat 9.


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Subject: New rpms of Cyrus IMAPd 2.2.3

I'm pleased to announce new source rpms of the new stable release of Cyrus
IMAPd 2.2.3.

I've successfully rebuilt the source rpm on the following Linux
RedHat 6.2, 7.2, 7.3 and 9
Fedora Core 1

Sucessful rebuilds have also been reported by others for: RedHat AS 2.1 and
3.0 Fedora Core 2 beta

The rpms should do all the steps needed for a successful upgrade from a
previous Invoca rpm 2.1 install to the new 2.2 release. It's however highly
recommended to create backups of your data before upgrading.

Download the source rpms at:

Have fun!

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