Getting unread message count for all users.

Rob Keeling rob at
Sat Jan 24 07:42:08 EST 2004

I have a small cyrus Imap installation running in a school with 1200

What I would like to do is get hold of some scripting which would return the
unread message count and/or
the age of the latest message.

The idea is that I can use this info to alert users to go into web mail and
read the email when they log into our

I have done a substantial amount of goggling, but although I realise I may
need to set up a Cyrus user will access
to all mailboxes to achieve this, I can`t find any example scripting which
would give me a clue.

Can anyone help?


Rob Keeling


I love deadlines.   I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.

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